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Nice to meet you

Hi, I'm Yifat Stern Sabah.

Even when I was a child I had a dream to travel the world. At the age of 16 and a half, I had already saved money and flew to travel with a classmate in Europe, and even before the draft I had already flown for two months to travel and work in the United States.

I wanted to see new cultures, hear different languages and have as many experiences as possible. When I met Omri, my husband, I infected him with this "bug" quite quickly and we traveled a lot together. Before Amit was born, he already prepared me and told me that with a child we wouldn't be able to travel the same way, but we continued to travel in a big way. After our second son, Itai, was born, Omri said that I would know that now it will surely change, traveling with two children is not easy, but when Itai was only 8 months old, we already went on a family vacation with the children to New Zealand and Fiji. We saw that you don't have to stop everything and you can continue to travel even when there are children - with and without them.

When the corona virus came, we found ourselves stopping our trips abroad and traveling much more in Israel, where we were also joined by friends.

Traveling in Israel and the world has become more than just a hobby, but a real part of me. From trip to trip I only learn more how to plan and structure our trips more correctly - choosing a destination, closing flights, hotels and car, building the route and choosing the most worthwhile attractions. Our trips are mainly family trips, mainly nature trips with forays into the cities, but you can also find couple urban trips, combined with performances or just pre-Christmas trips.  For years I have been writing summaries of the trips and uploading them in the various groups. In the last few years I started writing real travel diaries, mainly as a souvenir for us, but I found that the summaries and travel diaries really help others, even years after we did the same trip. In the summer of 2022 I decided that I should take all the knowledge and experiences I am gaining and start a travel blog.

I created the blog with the aim of inspiring people to travel in Israel and the world - to reach places with breathtaking views, experience once-in-a-lifetime attractions and taste new cultures on a couple's trip and/or on a family trip with the children.

Hope the blog will give you the best travel experience

And in every trip remember...

"People don't make trips, trips make people"

(John Steinbeck)

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