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Flight Booking

When you come to close a flight, if it is a direct flight or a destination that you reach with a connection, I highly recommend starting with a general flight search engine such as the sky scanner. This gives me an understanding of the selection of available flights to the destination, the airlines that are available to me, the flight conditions and the prices that the airlines offer.


From there I go directly to the websites of the relevant airlines to compare and see that the price is indeed the same price. Sometimes there will be differences in the flight price from the sky scanner, but nothing critical.

In the end   agents close themselves with the airline, they are the father and mother of the flight. For any change, problem or question, the reference is always to them and there is someone to turn to!

Today every airline has an app and the apps are very convenient for checking flights as well as in terms of checking in, updates regarding the flight and accessing the tickets themselves.

Some important tips about plane tickets:

A. Flights with a connection close through the same airline! You don't want to be late on one flight and subsequently miss the second flight with unrelated companies. When a flight is delayed or cancelled, the connection is the responsibility of the airline that works with the relevant operators and is the one that should give you an answer.

B. Differences in flight prices can include inconvenient flight times, no trolleys, no luggage, no boarding, options for canceling or changing the ticket, etc. Pay attention to the small details. In the end, cheap can be expensive and sometimes cheap is what suits you!

third. When the best option is a morning flight from the destination and the field is not very close, don't panic - advance your arrival to the field area the night before and book a hotel near the field. can give you a significant discount and will certainly make it easier for you in terms of getting up and traveling early. Keep in mind that if you rented a car, you may have even saved yourself a day in terms of when to return the car.

d. Connection flights - a reasonable connection is   in the 2-3 zone. The consequences of the corona virus taught us this a lot, but even before that there were quite a few cases (people forget) of flight delays. A connection hour is risky, especially when the intermediate stop is a huge airport or even another building. Two hours is a good minimum for a connection. Going beyond three hours can be too tiring, especially if it is a night flight, even more so a night flight with children, but sometimes for a significant discount on the ticket you take a longer connection. Of course, on flights within Europe, destinations that have a direct flight, and usually fly for a relatively short vacation, it is better to avoid a connection. Time = money.

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