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Choosing a hotel

For closing hotels abroad, I admit that I always start with booking, even though today there are many more hotel search sites and I'm not sure I know them all.

I find that Booking is very convenient for me and very often offers me cheap hotels from the hotel's own websites or with good conditions from the hotel's offer (I always compare).

I am one who knows how to read the "small print",   when there is an additional tourist tax, when the charge is in place, when a hotel does not have the possibility of cancellation and more.

I always, without exception, book hotels with the possibility of cancellation and cancel as late as possible.

Before the corona virus and certainly after it, it is not possible to know what will happen for another six months, more or less from the date of the trip, therefore the hotels must have the possibility of cancellation from a day to a week before the date (depending on the hotel itself). Usually paying in advance lowers the cost a bit, but like I said, these are the kind of things where cheap can be expensive.

So how do you choose a good hotel?

First of all, decide what is important to you in the place of accommodation. Proximity to the field/ central location close to attractions/ view/ breakfast/ parking/ a restful place to rest your head for the night during a long drive or more/ a pampering place with facilities that don't rush you out of the hotel, the price is more important than anything?

You don't have to choose just one option, you can mark your preferences and thus filter and focus on hotels that meet your needs.

I usually close level 7-9 hotels, but of course it depends on price and the stage I was in in life. There are places I'll settle for a nice hotel to rest my head and there are places I preferred more. Sometimes just for the amazing view or the walking distance to the city center I would be willing to pay a little more. In our types of trips, I did not close hotels thinking that I would stay there all day, therefore, it is important that it be clean and central and less luxurious.

Of course, a hotel in an urban area requires that there be parking or that you take this into account and prepare for it in advance if you have a car on the trip.

I like to read the reviews, especially if there are reviews in Hebrew and decide if it is a hotel that will suit what I am looking for. Sometimes people criticize the breakfast, which is less important to me, and sometimes it's about the cleanliness of the room, which is much more important to me.

In all of our trips with the children, I prefer to close rooms with more than one room and a kitchen (a type of apartment). Concentrate on a simple hotel in a comfortable location.

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