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Packing for a long trip


 Even before the corona virus and of course after it I learned that you can take less! If it's a couple's trip in the summer, a trolley or a full backpack can be enough for each of us.  This easy feeling that everything is on you makes the trip feel easier. 

If it is a trip longer than a few days,   with the children or if we want to buy things, we will take a suitcase/two suitcases and even a trolley.

We   don't always wear everything we take on trips and almost every hotel has a nice laundry room, at a nominal cost. There are also hotels that have washing machines in the rooms themselves and then the laundry is generally convenient. At a level where I can return to Israel without washing, with clean clothes straight to the closets.

Even when the trips are longer than two weeks, I take clothes for a week/a week and a half. Sometimes I have to take both a short and a long one because the weather is fickle or there are big temperature differences between day and night and then the package is a little bigger, but still not a one-size-fits-all package.

When it comes to a trip where it is necessary to go through a hotel every day - two days, you can even not take out the large suitcases every day, but every few days and organize in one medium or small suitcase several sets for everyone for the next few days.

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