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Tips for traveling with children

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A trip with the children is a different trip. There is a limit to how many children can enter the stores and there is a limit to how much parents are able to spend or say no to a child and then the trip turns into a lot of steam on the part of the children and impatience on the part of the parents.

A trip that combines mostly nature and a little city or a city that offers attractions that are more suitable for children can definitely be an enjoyable trip for all parties.

Children who are trained from an early age to travel in Israel and abroad become more adaptable and comfortable children. Children who know how to occupy themselves through imagination, children who know how to deal with transitions and staying away from home, children who can handle long trips and children who have a wide knowledge of the world.

Having said all this, children are still children... sometimes they get tired of walking on a route that takes a long time, they don't always have the strength to sit and eat in a restaurant for a long time, they too sometimes get tired of the long drive or flight and the parents also get tired sometimes :) _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

A. Walking routes with children: for trips with walking routes with children up to 3-4 years of age, take a backpack with you! They will walk as they should. This also allows you to progress along the route according to the pace you want and not the pace of the young child. On a trip to Western Canada, we could do all the routes together with Amit  in a carrier when he was less than two years old, on a trip to New Zealand there was nothing we avoided doing because it was in a carrier the whole time and even on a trip in the summer of 22, when iti was already 3.5 years old, we took a carrier And we were able to do the route to the White Lake in the French Alps when I was in a carrier, in areas that were not safe for him to walk and also back when we wanted to go back faster and also with me was already too tired for a long walk.

I really recommend social rental, a site where you can rent strollers, baby carriers, inflatable pillows and other related equipment that can be used with you on a trip and you have no reason to purchase one due to lack of space or daily need.

 link to website:Social rent

B. Flights with connections: for night flights with connections or flights with connections with small children - take a stroller with you! How much it can save walking around a large field in the middle of the night. For the trip to New Zealand we took our homemade baby jogger and another stroller that we rented fromSocial Rent  And so Amit and I, both, could rest in the connections. For the flight to South Africa, we didn't take strollers at all (the children were already grown...), a 3-hour connection in Turkey turned into an 8-hour connection and more during the night hours of Israel... luckily there were strollers in the field itself that we could use. It really saved us.

third. Long journeys: Long journeys

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